Vve dsa-36w-12 схема

Before you can use the hard disk your have to initialize it first. Connect the Dreambox to your TV using a DVI- or Scart-cable. Using this method you can select additional services that you want to add to the bouquet. The use of the “All” view is to keep an internal list of all available stations. If you start a new channel search the result would be saved to the “All” view for example. Pressing it again or pressing one of the Volume +/- Buttons brings back the audio. The Infobar shows all necessary Information about the selected service.

Using the Navigation-Buttons up and down you can select a service, just like in the service list, and change to the selected service by pressing the red Options-Button. Assembly — assemble all parts in reverse order to what is listed above.A. Return the shield PCB and solder its wire.B. Assemble the electronics block and close the case. This view shows the currently airing shows on the services listed in the left column. A progress bar showing the progress of the currently airing show is placed next to the service’s name. Press the Navigation-Buttons left or right to adjust the brightness. All services beginning with the letter S are shown.

You can leave all menus and service lists by pressing the EXIT-Button. Margin after record: Set the desired lag in minutes for a recording. The shown options may vary depending on the service list you selected. By pressing the AUDIO-Button you can choose the different audio tracks offered by the station. Press the OK-Button to acces it. 7.3.4 Timeshift Once you started an instant recording you can fast-forward and rewind while recording as long as you have already recorded at least 1 minute long. After that select a service and switch to it by pressing the OK-Button. By pressing the Menu-Button the «Channellist menu» will open up.

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