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 The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service Configuration Editor (SvcConfigEditor.exe) allows administrators and developers to create and modify configuration settings for WCF services using a graphical user interface. You can also do so in the File menu -> Add New Item. Example: textMessageEncoding.Standard endpoint extensions define an entire standard endpoint. For example, if you add a behavior element extension, it appears in the list of available extensions.This section allows you to define instantiation settings for the service hosting environment.One way to create a new configuration file is to use the New Service Element Wizard. Specifically, the address attribute of its localIssuer sub-element must not be an empty string. If you have modified the address attribute using the Configuration Editor and want to remove it completely, you should do so using a tool other than the Editor. Service behaviors are used by services; whereas endpoint behaviors by endpoints.Behaviors are a collection of extension elements that for a stack.

You are strongly advised to use the wizard instead of the editor directly.If you already have some configuration files that comply with the standard System.Configuration schema, you can manage specific settings for bindings, behavior, services, and diagnostics with the user interface. Such configuration settings are stored in the Advanced node under Service Behaviors and Endpoint Behaviors. Note Configuration Editor reloads the currently opened configuration file when the latter has been modified outside the Editor. The element at the top of the stack is applied first.

You can click the “…” button to browse to a path.Clicking the TypeName line displays a «…» button. The order of the behavior element extensions in a behavior indicates their positions in the stack. Note You can also directly open and edit a configuration file that contains COM contracts.A service configuration file generated by the Configuration Editor is not guaranteed to be secure. Please refer to the Security documentation to find out how to secure your WCF services.In addition, the Configuration Editor can only be used to read and write valid WCF configuration elements. Example: clientVia.Extensions that have been registered in configuration can be used like any other WCF component of the same type.Select one of the extension nodes in the advanced nodes:Click New.Enter a name and type.Click OK.The extension now appears in the appropriate place in the Editor.

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